Counseling Individuals, Families, and the Workplace

Welcome to Gilbert & Brown Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC 

Gilbert & Brown specialize in providing counseling, consulting, and educational program services to individuals, families, groups, and organizations in a private practice setting, on-site as requested by agencies and organizations, and/or in community settings. Gilbert & Brown provide a wide spectrum of services to a wide variety of clients, from the individual to large agencies and corporations, and from children and youth to the aged.

Gilbert & Brown pratitioners have expertise in the areas of individual, family and group counseling, case management, social service coordination, nursing homes, home health care, public housing, home studies, community-based mental health centers, hospice, program planning, elderly and geriatric issues, group work, supervision and administrative skills, positive parenting and family skills, grief and bereavement issues, lifespan issues including anger management, communication skills, conflict resolution, decsion-making/ problem-solving skills, separation, trauma and loss, and psycho-educational support groups.

Mission Statement

Gilbert & Brown Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC will provide counseling, consulting, and educational programs to empower, enhance, and improve quality of life.